Weeks & Whitford, Concomitant II

12 x 15 SERIES

Continuing their research into childlessness, gender, identity and the power of fertility cycles, in this work the maypole of the previous work was replaced with an actual pole dancing pole. Weeks incessantly circled and span around in a choreography of climbs, displays, and actions making eye contact and gifting apples to the audience by throwing them from atop the pole, plucking feathers from a boa with her teeth and spewing ink as she became a crone. Whitford continued his actions as a satellite circling Weeks, seeding the soil with pearls, sweeping soil, and sharing spoiled wine with the audience.

The work communicated the parallel orbits of two lovers bodies, the points of communication and alienation and the imagined release of age from the
tyranny of sexuality.

Dublin Live Art Festival 2013, The Back loft, Dublin, September, 2013,
Photos by Fiona K & Francis Fey
Sound score by Alice Kemp,