Weeks & Whitford, Concomitant

12 x 15 SERIES

In this work Weeks & Whitford explored the concurrence of life and death, loss, hope and faith and the lover’s body as the locus for a lifetime and extended their research into childlessness, gender and identity.

Addressing fertility cycles through the ancient symbology of the maypole the repeated actions of Whitford as a satellite circling, seeding with pearls, sweeping soil, gifting apples and sharing wine with the audience like a cross dressing pan acted
to set a rhythm.

The passage of time was marked by the melting of the frozen milk baby clasped to Weeks chilled still breast, the white droplets against her skin, and falling amongst the hay and ribbons until it was spilled.

The work communicated a loss of innocence and sadness around the family but also the will to wrestle meaning from the past and to imagine a positive postmenopausal self, with or without children.

Dimanche Rouge, Plateforme Gallery, Paris, August, 2013
Photos by Eliane Akl
Sound Score by Alice Kemp,