Weeks & Whitford, A Wing And A Prayer

‘A Wing & A Prayer’

In this performance weeks & whitford focused on the experience of disability, the associated difficulties, the work that it generates, and the compensation that is made for it by the other within a relationship. They performed two separate but over lapping and interconnected sets of healing and sustaining actions that expressed their belief in the power of persistence, faith, hope, magic and love to bring themselves and others through the darkest of times towards being whole.

Independence.do Festival, Dominican Republic, February 2014
dfbrl8r Gallery, Chicago, USA, March 2014
Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke, Virginia, USA, March 2014
Photo credit, Lisa Sterz & Mateo, dfbrl8r Gallery, Chicag
Sound score by Alice Kemp, germseed.blogspot.co.uk