This work was developed in residency and performed at Galerie Kub Leipzig, August 2019. Two further evolving iterations were then toured to Resist Festival, Vienna, August 2019, and FNAF Festival Of Naked Forms, Prague Sept 2019.

‘Bell book and Candle’ refers to the ex-communication ritual performed by the Roman Catholic Church. its a ritual that seeks to anathematise a subject, to banish something dark and in this context to free rather than condemn.

The work continued Weeks and Whitford’s commitment to durational performances and personal narrative. It addressed recent bereavement, and the failure to conceive. Estrangement and drinking and ritual as self healing.

A whispered sound score cycled in the back ground, a call to the universal mother to show us how to live, how to bury our dead and how to bear our children. Weeks actions speak of mortality, sadness, anger and the passing of time, she removes herself and nurses grief under a sheet / shroud. She is still, apart from intermittently snipping her strings of pearls so that they spill into her lap. Blind she tries to guide them into a pot, inevitably her pearls are mostly lost on the floor. she is increasingly bloodied with her regurgitated spilled wine.

Whitford repeats patterns of actions, they become increasingly fragmented and transformational but the objects and books are not abandoned they are returned to his book shelf come sleigh to be replayed at another time. The record player is stuck, he resets it but it stick again as it has so many times before.

Weeks emerges from the sheet, emerges from grief and smudges / cleanses the space and those who want it to shake off sadness and anger. She initiates a joint action, a ritual whereby energy is raised, an egg is placed in a nest in a baby chair, both performers are bound to the chair and exit carrying it precariously between them. A new song is chosen, this time it plays to the end!

Galerie Kub, Summer residency, Leipzig, Germany, July / August 2019, Click here…
Resist Festival, Vienna, August, 2019, Click here…
FNAF (Festival Of Naked Forms), Prague, Czech Republic, September 2019, Click here…