In this performance commissioned by Tempting Failure 2018, Weeks & Whitford ritualise a response to a recent period of illness, mourning, estrangement and survival that has pushed them to their limits.

This work continues Weeks & Whitford’s commitment to complex psychologically, emotionally and physically intense participatory durational performances.

As ever the work is highly personal, revelatory and reflects an ongoing lived narrative focused on the recent experience of physical and mental illness and resultant estrangement which has led to a consideration of how we use sex and substances to cope with heartache, and the work of reconciliation.

The performance necessitates taking risks, being open and being vulnerable. It asserts life and love with its many difficulties, kinks and complications over grief, disability, addiction, jealousy and fear. This complex durational work is set around a bed as the locus of many a domestic drama and life event. The bed supports birth, love, illness and death and pertains specifically to Ian’s memories of nursing his dying grandfather and his own recent fear around his health and mortality. It is also therefore the site for a rite or a prayer for healing resolution and love.

Sound score by Alice Kemp
Photograpy: 1-32 Holly Revell, 33-36 Cherry Plum, 37-41 Julia Bauer
Tempting Failure, Croydon, London, UK, July 2018