Weeks & Whitford, Kiss Me Quick

‘Kiss Me Quick’

Kiss Me Quick is simultaneously a live interactive and online facebook performance that brings Weeks into direct negotiation of physical and social boundaries with the audience/participants and into an examination the artist as charming entertainer, as shameless self – promoter, as social performer, as manipulator and as social critic.

Weeks approaches and requests or offers a kiss to an individual for the camera whilst Whitford hovers nearby ready to take a photo, these photos are then shown to the participant for their approval before being uploaded by Whitford to the facebook page which is projected up in the space.

Ultimately the images gathered attest to peoples fascination with pictures of themselves in social situations, to the currency of these images within contemporary society where people package and present themselves daily through social media and to Weeks’ ability to keep negotiating kisses.

‘The Supper Club’, The Basement, Brighton, Dec, 2010
’Wasteland Social Club’, SVA, Stroud, 2011
The Theatre Royal as part of the British Art Show, Nov, 2011