Weeks & Whitford, She's Lost Control

‘She’s Lost Control’

A girl in a bathroom applies her make up, adjusts her dress and lifts a heavy suitcase before she begins a precarious teetering journey down the stairs and into the street. She can barely lift the case and she struggles with its weight. A few steps later she puts the case down and then lifts it again making slow progress. She places it down and opens it to reveal bricks which she begins to unload. She struggles back to her feet and resumes her journey, but the case it still to heavy and she stops again, scrabbling around on the floor to discard more bricks. As the audience laugh at the ridiculousness of the spectacle the girl bursts into tears. She slumps and sobs and sits on the suitcase tears rolling down her face. Slowly she pulls herself together and dabs the tears away and reapplies her makeup. She stands, readjusts her dress and walks on. She meets a man outside a pub,they embrace for some time and then share a drink before walking away together.

InSite, OffSite, SVA, Stroud, June, 2011