Weeks & Whitford, Vapauta

12 x 15 = 180 Series ‘Vapauta’

This work took Weeks and Whitford beyond the archetypal struggle between male and female bound together by the cycles of the cosmos and the body central to the 12 x 15 series, out of the past and into the present, to the specific loved body through acknowledging the need to enter a new cycle of potential.

Through performing two parallel processes involving Whitford blind, teetering on heels ordering and reordering a large array of objects of significance, and following guide ropes as if around his unconscious and Weeks discarding obsolete thoughts and actions and invoking healing and well-being divergent paths of self healing were made apparent as well as sustained deliberate physical acts to bring them back together.

The work culminated in acts of release cleansing and healing and closes the 12 x 15 series which has extensively explored the passage of time in relation to fertility and childlessness, gender identity, and the struggle to be free of past selves and opens the way for a new cycle to begin.

Finland – Estonia – France Festival 2013, Huuto Gallery, Helsinki, October, 2013
Photos by Alejandro Lorenzo & Ignacio Perez Perez
Sound score by Alice Kemp,