Weeks & Whitford, Wash My Mouth Out

‘Wash My Mouth Out’

The work begins with the insertion into each other’s mouths of a bar of soap and an exchange of written insults, arguments and complaints then takes place. This exchange generates a series of un-choreographed interactions, including allowances, blocks, provocations and appeasements and leaves a performance text on the wall. Weeks and Whitford then step back and read the insults and disputes, they then paint over them, making peace and letting matters lie.

‘Performance Space’, Hackney Wick, London, 2012
‘On Site Off Site’ Stroud Valley Arts, 2013
‘MPAB’ (Month Of Performance Art Belin), Berlin, 2013

Documentation also exhibited at ’The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie” An exhibition about material in Performance Art formed by E.P.I. Zentrum Cologne and Sibylle Ettengruber MAERZ-Gallery Linz/A, Germany, 2013