Weeks & Whitford, Wearing The Horns Series ’Il Mangiatore Di Peccato’

Wearing The Horns Series
‘Il Mangiatore Di Peccatto Finale’

Weeks & Whitford relocated their complex baroque installation complete with table, chairs, lit candles, chocolate, wine, fruit, cake, blood, ashes, text, traces and salt circle from their intimate black room into the main space of the Palazzo Bembo for this final performance that was to act as the culmination of their intense week long process.

Ian sat at the table blinkered and holding a crystal bowl filled with red vomit as Rebecca made her entrance into the room naked apart from a necklace of bloody hearts and heels. Like a gory magicians assistant or a playful Kali she walked through the audience smiling at individuals and then whispered instructions into a translators ear which were relayed for the audience to step forwards and write a sin down which Rebecca would then feed to Ian who would take their sin for them. Slowly, then steadily people came forward to write their sin on a piece of paper for Rebecca to place inside a portion of cake or a piece of fruit and feed to Ian. As the sins became too many Rebecca began to also eat sins in order to share the load. Ian was intermittently sick into the already brimming crystal bowl. Ian unable to eat any more sins began offering the sins back to the audience and to spit them out. Ian then stood up with the bowl holding it at arms length, at the same time Rebecca cut the necklace of hearts and allowed them to spill and slip to the floor pooling their juices around her feet. One by one she placed the heavy hearts against her body and pressed them against Ian’s body rolling them between their bodies whilst Ian strained to continue to hold the bowl out. When he could hold it no more he released the bowl and it shattered spraying the area with vomit and glass. Kneeling now in this hazardous soup Rebecca open mouthed took Ians offering of a blown egg and swallowed it. Rising to be face to face the couple biting into a red apple, her heels resting on his naked feet they began their last exit action of
precariously and painfully dancing away.

Venice International Performance Art Week, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, Dec, 2012,
Photographs by Monika Sobczak
Sound score made by Alice Kemp including words written and spoken by Warren C Fry,