Weeks & Whitford, Wearing The Horns

‘Wearing The Horns’

Whitford sits at the table opposite to Weeks who is bursting out of her wedding dress. Weeks begins a series of actions, shortening her dress with scissors, interacting with members of the audience offering them roses that she bites the heads off of and apples which she offers them from her mouth whilst Whitford drinks alone. When she returns she spears the half eaten apples on Whitfords horns, spits petals into his hand and decorates him with strings of pearls that he incorporates into the balm that he is steadily mixing. Intermittently as the interactions continue Weeks colours her white dress red with lipstick, whilst Whitford cuts himself with thorns from the stems of the beheaded roses and then smears the injuries with the balm he has made. Whitford places the last apple in his mouth and Weeks taking the other half in her mouth accepts his invitation to dance out of the door, her high heels resting on his naked feet,

every step a painful negotiation and act of trust.

Performance Exchange, Stroud, April 2012, Photos by Kim Fielding.