Weeks & Whitford make complex psychologically, emotionally and physically intense participatory durational performances involving evolving installations, specific soundscapes, choreographies of inter related actions and improvisations in response to context, site and audience. Liveness is central to their work. The use of sound scores, materials, props and actions enables them to construct personal and shared processes of transition or transformation. They address specific issues and challenges and communicate their experience of it to others. These issues, concerns and experiences become aestheticised as part of a highly personal, revelatory ongoing narrative. Their work has addressed alcoholism, cross-dressing, childlessness, caring, ageing, disability, the grind of labour, love, sex, gender, jealousy, infidelity, sin and repentance, despair, hope, faith, ritual, healing and magic. The work allows for Weeks & Whitford as two distinct people, two performers with different but overlapping languages and processes and makes difference, the negotiation of it, and the struggle to operate in relation visible.

Recent highlights include: Performances at: Horse Donkey Club, VFD Dalston, London, UK * Under The Counter Culture, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, Wales, UK * FNAF Festival, Prague, Czech Republic * Resist Festival, Vienna, Austria * Artists In Residence, Gallery Kub, Leipzig, Germany * Tempting Failure, Croydon, UK * Anteros Performance Art Festival , Norwich, UK * Creature Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania * Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow, Scotland * Rapid Pulse Festival, Chicago, USA * Panoply Lab, New York, USA * MPA-B Festival, Berlin, Germany * Blauverschiebung 7, Leipzig, Germany…

They are co – founders, curators and co – directors of Performance Platform.

Performance Platform is focused on delivering regular live performance Art events in London and is hosted by Open Ealing community Arts space in Ealing Broadway, West London.

Although Performance Platform is focused on showcasing live Performance Art in London it is also a node in a national/international network of allies/collaborators and partners and a hub for peer to peer learning, research, networking and development. performanceplatform.org