Weeks & Whitford, Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

‘Out Of Sight Out Of Mind’

This experimental performance was devised by Weeks & Whitford after a period of protracted research involving Weeks working as a professional stripper.
The work makes visible not only the hard physical and emotional work of stripping, of entertaining, charming and seducing and the necessary resilience, it also frames the dynamic between the stripper and her partner through placing them both and the audience in a strip context.

The work juxtaposes the display of the stripper, her diverse interactions with her punters and the quiet domesticity of the home where care is expressed through the ongoing washing of her costume by her partner.

The work explores questions such as What do we shield our partners from? What do they choose not to know? How do we reassure each other?
Is love hand washing stockings!?

Rapid Pulse Festival, Star Bar, Chicago, USA, June, 2015